What do you think of when you hear Czech Republic? Have you visited the country and what were your impressions? Who is your favourite Czech personality? Share your impressions with us. We look forward to your observations.

“I think that no-one knows how to laugh as much as Czechs”, Gjursev Siderov, Bulgaria.

Gjursev Siderov, photo: Klára StejskalováGjursev Siderov, photo: Klára Stejskalová

“Blowing your nose in public was something that shocked me in the Czech Republic”, Pascal Rakatomizao, Madagascar.

Pascal Rakotomizao, photo: Klára StejskalováPascal Rakotomizao, photo: Klára Stejskalová

“You are calm people, pragmatic. You don’t trouble yourselves too much with small things, and I think you are honest”, Carlos Arbona, Spain.

Carlos Arbona, photo: Klára StejskalováCarlos Arbona, photo: Klára Stejskalová

“I really love Prague. Moscow is a megapolis, a crazy city which draws on all your energy. Here, it’s quiet and the people are pleasant. It calms the soul”, Maxim Fedorov, Russia.

Maxim Fedorov, photo: Klára StejskalováMaxim Fedorov, photo: Klára Stejskalová