European funds should not have gone to Čapí hnízdo facility

European funds should not have been used to subsidize Čapí hnízdo (the Stork Farm), independent news site reported on Monday. The news site reported it had complete documentation related to the case, which it said revealed that funding for EU funds included incorrect information which constituted fraud. The Stork Farm facility was previously owned by the giant agro-chemical group Agrofert (2007/2008) which belongs to Finance Minister Andrej Babiš. Czech police have until the end of March to complete the investigation into the matter, which is also being investigated by the European Anti-Fraud Office, OLAF. On Monday, Mr Babis said he had nothing to say on the matter. He expressed the view the story was being whipped up by reporters who used to work for publisher Mafra, after it became a subsidiary of Agrofert.